Jumplfly and collect all 4 coins


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I liked the game's feature, where parts of the level fell off. What I didn't like so much was it's "difficulty", I had a feeling that the game is meant to be frustrating: 1.when you pick your first coin you fall down into a pit, 2.when you pick your second coin you jump into a spike, both of which are because of how the level "falls apart". Fortunately the game has a fast respawn system, which helps with the frustration. However the multiple jump system was just bad, it felt very uncontrollable. I would suggest you try to make a game purely around jumping, so you can improve on it.

Thank you very much for your comments whiteRocket! Yeah I agree, the game is a bit frustrating. You have to die a lot without knowing what's going on. I will try to improve the level design and the multi jump. Thanks again for testing!