Blenders have gone mad! They need to be filled with delicious fruits to produce super deadly fruit bullets and try to destroy another blenders.

Blender Wars is a 1vs1 game where you'll have to grab fruit powerups that'll give you bullets with different powers, such as pushing your enemy away or taking a life from him.
You will have to dodge juice bricks since they stand against your only-natural-juice policy and also try to avoid drowning in the juicy sea.
As player 1, your controls will be A and S for moving left and right, W for jumping and Ctrl-izq for firing.

As player 2, your controls will be left and right arrows for moving left and right, up arrow for jumping and Ctrl-right for firing.
You can also play with gamepads!
Each blender has 5 lifes. If you lose them all, you lose. May the best blender win!

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